The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is
 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
To continue with my search for compatible skin products for my ever sensitive skin, I tried Kojie San Soap. I actually didn’t know what this product is, but this is the product my brother is using for his face as facial wash. My brother is a straight guy, but he is a bit more self-conscious about his looks than am I (because I am a boyish type and I don’t usually primp myself).


To continue my review with the products that I am currently using, I will share the exfoliant that I am using which is St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub.


Here in this entry, I will share with you my experience with St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser.


To continue my learning escapade for building a website, I follow Weebly’s advice to verify my site with Google Webmaster Tools.

I will honestly admit that I’m a no brainer regarding website building and how to get your site get noticed, so trying out the this tool gets me excited. I am really excited to see what this tool can do to my newly published site. So to start, I went back to reading articles in the Support Center of Weebly and I reached “Verify Your Site with Google”. (To see the page click here)
Well, at first you have to sign up you email address. As for me, I used the same email address I used when I sign up for Weebly. Weebly actually provided a step-by-step process on how you will verify your site. You just have to follow them and don’t forget to open your editor because you’re going to need it. Following their instruction is quite easy except for the part where you will be looking for the “meta tag”. After choosing the first verify button for your provided URL, you will be directed to the “Recommended Method” which is using the HTML tag. You have to choose the “Alternative Methods”, where you can find the Meta Tag you will be using. Then, continue your verification by follow the succeeding instructions.

It’s quite easy and I’m done with my part on the verification. I’ll just have to wait for Google to verify it.

Here is the link for Google Webmaster Tools.

This is my first time using Weebly. And I would like to share my experience with you.

I was using Google to search for blog sites to where I can post my thoughts when I have decided to start blogging. I visited one site that provides few lists of blog sites to choose from other than Wordpress and Blogger (click here to see the site), so I end up choosing Weebly.
When I reached Weebly’s site, the first thing I saw is “The easiest way to create a website Free.Powerful.Professional.” To be honest, I don’t have any experience or knowledge regarding building a website so I was enticed by this promise, and started reading their features. The first thing I read is the “Drag& Drop Website Builder”. This promises that you don’t need any technical skills for using this website builder and that’s exactly what I need, because I am not a technical person. It says that you can just easily drag and drop elements you want for your site like text fields and pictures. 

The next thing I read was about the multiple themes to choose from for how you want your site to look, may it be business, personal, colorful, etc. Once you chose a theme, it’s not fixed. You can still add some personal touch like modifying font style, sizes, and text colors so it will not look like the default design of the theme. The best thing here is that a lot of themes are available and you can switch from one to another. Every time you change your theme, it won’t change the content of your site. And for those people we can design and build themes, you can also build your very own theme.

So the next item that catches my eyes is the “Easy Blogging” feature. It’s my first time into blogging so the word easy blogging seems appealing to me and I went on to reading. It says that it also has the drag & drop feature, the full comment moderation controls and more. The one thing that they are most proud of is that they’re using their own blogging engine. It’s quite impressive that they are using their own product. I don’t need to emphasize more on that because; Weebly by using its own blogging engine speaks a lot.

The last thing I read about is the “Easy Form Builder”. I’m quite amazed that they have this feature. Your readers and website visitors can easily contact you by sending their query or suggestions through this Form Builder. Included also are RSVP forms and pre-built surveys. This builder is also flexible where you can add and remove items by simply dragging and dropping new fields.

Honestly, after reading these few features, I became interested to really start my own site using Weebly. It’s free by the way, but you can also opt to choose the one with subscription. But since this is just my first and a start, and most likely it will not be a business, I chose the free one.  To sign up, you can opt to use your facebook account or simply use your email. So after signing up, they will ask you to give a Name for your Site (which you can always change) and the type (like business, personal, etc.). Next to this, you will be ask if you want your website address be a Weebly subdomain, where your site will look like (this is the free one) or if you want to have your own domain which makes your website address like the usual web address (without the at the end) but you have to pay for the subscription. You can also register your own domain if you already have one. Right after this, you will be directed to your account where you can see your site/s (Note: You can create more than one site under your account, you just have to add another site). This is where you can edit your site; see the stats of your site and more.

I won’t enumerate or elaborate how I created or edited the appearance of my first site so it would be a surprise for you. I will let your imagination to see how it works while reading this. So if ever you decided to try what I have tried using Weebly, the experience will be of your own and not influence by what I have written. I want you to have your way of navigating, experimenting, dragging and dropping using Weebly, and you can call it your own experience. Besides, the best way to learn and be familiarize with something is to do it your way. You will not only learn, but
you will remember.

Just in case you want you want to visit Weebly, click here.

Hi! This is my first post. I'm just trying to start my own page and hopefully my blogs in the future.