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 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
To continue with my search for compatible skin products for my ever sensitive skin, I tried Kojie San Soap. I actually didn’t know what this product is, but this is the product my brother is using for his face as facial wash. My brother is a straight guy, but he is a bit more self-conscious about his looks than am I (because I am a boyish type and I don’t usually primp myself).

I am actually using the St. Ives Green Tea Facial Cleanser (which I wrote a review, click here to view) before I use Kojie San Soap. It’s not that it’s not working anymore; I just wanted to try out products that will be more compatible with my skin. Even if St. Ives Green Tea Facial Cleanser is a good cleanser, I still suffer from few break outs mostly because of hormonal imbalances during monthly period. Though I break out lesser now than before I use the green tea cleanser, I still have the horrible scars my acne has left in my face. So removing acne scars is my problem right now.

To be honest, my brother’s skin is a bit fairer than mine (in short he’s whiter than me and he doesn’t suffer from horrible acne right now). So I thought that whatever facial product he uses, it will just be fine with him because his face is not oily, no acne and fairer compared to mine. And since he’s using Kojie San Soap, in his natural fair skin, I thought that it will not work with my skin, until I tried it out.

So one night, my brother asked me to buy him Kojie San Soap in a drugstore near us and he’ll just gonna pay me. And as a good little sister, I buy him what he asked me to. To my surprise, 2 bars of Kojie Soap cost only Php 50.00. The first thing that comes to my mind is, it’s affordable (very affordable). That night, I decided to try out the product. The soap contains Pure Kojic Acid, Sweet Orange, VCO, Glycerine, Vegetable Extracts, Vitamin C (this according to the packaging). Other than being affordable, what I also like about this product is that it smells like orange (or orange candy). The soap is foamy and feels soft on the skin. After the first wash, I feel that it didn’t clean my face well. Though my brother told me that when you use the product your skin might feel a little irritated, but honestly I didn’t feel such. I was wondering if it was my skin that doesn’t respond that much to the product.

I continued using this soap up until now, about a month, and I’m surprised and elated that it helps my skin to lighten scars and lighten my skin as a whole. I also noticed that after a few wash with this soap, it helps dry out few bumps in my face (pimples). I still suffer from break outs, though smaller in number like 2-3, mainly due to hormones. And even I suffer with this, this soap helps dry it out. Even though I have a very oily skin, Kojie Soap didn’t add to the oiliness nor dries out my facial skin. Though it’s inevitable for my skin to be oily, I actually faired this soap with a good moisturizer that is water based (I will write a review for this moisturizer, I’m still gathering my thoughts on this product). 

For final words, I would recommend this product for those with oily/acne prone skin like mine. I guess this product is good for any skin type, but use a good moisturizer that suites your skin especially for those with dry skin. For those who want to have fairer skin, I guess this product will help, but not to a point that your skin will be like of the Mestizos/Mestizas. Last but not the least, if ever you decided to use this product and doesn’t work well with your skin, or caused allergies/irritation, please stop using this and seek professional advice.

I hope you have read what you’re looking for. I will update this review if ever I decided to do something related to this.

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